The Board is responsible for the management and operation of the society. It represents the society in all its interests and take any decisions of a general nature that are of interest to the society.

The President.

40D 45386 143x214The President/Chairman represents the the society. She/He oversees the implementation of the internal regulations and chairs the meetings She/He sets the agenda of the meetings. Together with the Secretary, she/he shall sign all acts, decisions and takes with him all urgent decisions in the interests of the association, with the obligation to submit them at the next board meeting for approval. She/He has the right of supervision over all books and documents belonging to the Royal Band. She/He is watching over the common good and the good performance of the Royal Band, as well as the performance of the different mandates.

The Secretary.

40D 26580 143x214The Secretary is charged with the internal management of the association. He collects the documentation relating to the various points that are under him. He does correspondence and keeps the archive. He shall prepare a report of each meeting or gathering and preservation of records, documents and archives. He shall submit, at the general meeting, an activity report.
He signs, together with the President, all deeds, instruments or decisions that bind society. He takes with here/him all emergency decisions in the interests of the Royal Band with the obligation to submit them to the next board meeting for approval.
In the absence of the Chairman he takes alone, according to the urgency, the urgent decisions with the obligation to submit them to the next board meeting for approval.< br/>He is also acting as public relations (PR) of the band, maintains contacts, organises the publications (posters, flyers, newsletters, ...), promotion via Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), and designs and maintains the website.

The treasurer.

40D 45373 143x214The Treasurer keeps out is responsible for the financial accounting and the ability of the Royal band. He receives the funds and accomplishes the payments, ordered by the President, the Secretary or the Board. He keeps a diary about the revenue and expenditure with monthly addition.
He shall submit annually to the General Assembly for the balance of the expired year of service.


40D 39391 143x214The Librarian is charged with the collection and maintenance of the music tracks of the association and to classify that he can handing them immediately at the request of the Conductor. He is responsible for assigning and distributing the scores to the musicians.

The board.

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