Klare Rietjes is the clarinet ensemble of the Royal Music Association Bonheiden ( Koninklijke Muziekvereniging Bonheiden). These are some passionate musicians, who enjoy the rich melodic sounds of the different clarinets together. They love to give short concerts on the occasion of your meetings, all kinds of parties, reunions, family gatherings and also in cultural or other events.



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Ann Tuyaerts  -  Bass Clarinet:

As the daughter of painter Felix Tuyaerts from Zaventem, from childhood she came into contact with the environment of the visual, painting and culture. Yet her passion was singing and guitar. She took private singing lessons, and later guitar music in Zaventem. She performed regularly at local clubs, in church and at several openings. As a nine-year-old girl she sang for the first time and solo 'Ave Maria' by Gounod.

Later she took organ lessons for 8 years with Yvonne Torfs. At the age of 38 years she taught clarinet and joined three bands. Ann plays three types of clarinet, but mostly bass clarinet, which is her favourite one.;


Linda Liers  -   Clarinet Bb:

Music has always been a special place in her heart. As a child she played flute and classical guitar a few years later. After hearing 'Rhapsody in Blue' conducted by Walter Boeykens, she started at the age of 41 year with clarinet lessons, but due to lack of time she stopped for about 6 years. With the motivation of her cousin Sarah, she jointed the Concert Band Hever and later the Royal Music Association Bonheiden, and now she is an ardent promoter of this ensemble.


Else Jansen  -   Clarinet Bb:

From early on, there was music in the house. She and her sisters were members of a choir and often they were singing, even while washing. Music was a passion, and when Else met her husband, who is a good musician and conductor, she wanted playing an instrument too,; so they could make music together. Meanwhile, she follows clarinet lessons for 10 years and she is now an active member of four bands.


Karen Lamoen  -   Clarinet Bb:

At age seven, Karen started with music theory at the youth music workshop Dijkstein (jeugdmuziekatelier Dijkstein) and there she was immediately won over by the clarinet. After several years of study, she joined the harmony 'The United St. Katarina Friends' of St Catherine-Waver (De Sint-Katarinavrienden van Sint-Katelijne-Waver) and there she could experience how fun and educational it is to make music together within a large group of musicians. When recently been proposed to play in this clarinet ensemble, she did not hesitate for a second, because playing in a small ensemble is really a challenge.


Annie Vervloesem  -   Clarinet Bb:

Music is her life. As a child, she listened to the 78s and she imagined being on stage. Her first instrument was her voice. She sang several years with the 'Angela Choir' (Angelakoor) led by Madeleine Jacobs. Even when she was already the mother of three children, she sang with 'Cierlijcke' Mortsel directed by Jan Van Der Roost. Problems with asthma put a stop to the singing, but Annie missed the music for years. On her 41st she got to know her second love ... the clarinet. Meanwhile she plays in four harmonies and now also in this ensemble.


The "Klare Rietjes" rehearse every Monday from 18:50 to 19:50 in Arts Center 't Kranske, Dorp 112, 2820 Bonheiden.

Sometimes they do extra rehearsals at additional locations and dates.